Radiofrequency Intimate Rejuvenation Dubai

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4.89 / 5 based on 13,000+ Reviews
Radiofrequency Intimate Rejuvenation Dubai

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– Aya Alhamad (Director, Este Medical Dubai)
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What is

Radiofrequency Intimate Rejuvenation


At Este Medical, our radiofrequency intimate rejuvenation treatment in Dubai has been carefully designed to address common concerns related to changes in the labial tissue. These changes, triggered by factors such as ageing, childbirth, or menopause, can cause skin laxity, which can lead to discomfort during intercourse, affecting confidence and intimate relationships.  

By utilising advanced radiofrequency technology, our RF vaginal tightening in Dubai treatment works to tighten and tone the labial tissue, stimulating collagen production for improved skin firmness and elasticity.  

Performed by the highly skilled Dr Rashad, this transformative procedure offers a way for you to rediscover comfortable and confident intimacy. Book your consultation today to experience the finest intimate wellness solutions with Este Medical.  

Our state-of-the-art clinic is located on Dubai’s iconic Jumeirah Beach Road – where cutting-edge treatments meet luxury against the stunning backdrop of Dubai’s coastline.

How does

Radiofrequency Intimate Rejuvenation


After a full consultation where our practitioners take the time to understand your unique concerns and desired outcomes, we create a personalised treatment plan designed to help you achieve nothing less than your ideal results.  

During the treatment, our specialised Ultraformer III device is gently applied to the vulva, delivering controlled HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) energy pulses to the targeted area. These energy pulses penetrate the deeper layers of the skin, stimulating collagen production to restore a firmer, lifted, and more toned appearance to the labial tissue.  

What are the Benefits of Radiofrequency Intimate Rejuvenation?

Improves intimate appearance

Vaginal radiofrequency in Dubai enhances the appearance of the intimate area by tightening and toning the labial tissue. This results in a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance, restoring confidence and comfort in one's body.

Reduces discomfort

One of the most significant benefits of the treatment is its ability to reduce discomfort associated with vaginal laxity. By tightening the intimate skin, this non-invasive treatment alleviates discomfort during intercourse and improves overall sexual sensation.

Enhances sexual satisfaction

By addressing vaginal laxity and discomfort, this life-changing procedure significantly enhances sexual satisfaction and intimacy. Women can experience improved sensation and pleasure during intercourse, leading to greater overall satisfaction in intimate relationships.

Boosts confidence

Achieving a more toned and youthful intimate appearance can have a profound impact on confidence and self-esteem. RF vaginal tightening in Dubai helps individuals feel more comfortable and confident in their bodies, empowering them to embrace intimacy with renewed confidence and vitality.


Unlike surgical procedures, the treatment is non-invasive and requires no downtime. You can resume your usual activities straight after treatment, making it a convenient option for those with busy lifestyles.

Radiofrequency Intimate Rejuvenation

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Conditions treated

Vaginal Laxity
Vaginal Dryness
Painful Intimacy
Urinary Incontinence
Loss of Sensation
Poor Libido
Poor Confidence

our reviews

Our award-winning team has over 13,000+ worldwide reviews

4.89 / 5 based on 13,000+ Reviews

It’s been 5 months since I started laser regrowth treatment and I have seen great results. Many thanks to Shirin and the team for being so kind, supportive, attentive and hospitable during my treatment. They have made the process very smooth and they were happy to answer all my questions as well as provide great advice.

Sarika Pabari via TrustPilot

Great, friendly service, I've been a client at Este Medical Group for a little over a month, and I must say, their staff has consistently provided excellent care. My recent session with Lumia was truly exceptional. Her friendly and approachable demeanor made the experience even more enjoyable. She's truly a wonderful person, and I highly recommend her services at Este Medical Group.

Avi via TrustPilot

From start to finish I have been met with a friendly and professional service, the trip to Istanbul was faultless .Lumia has been through all my after care steps and shown me the before and after photos, amazing results. I would recommend for anyone who is considering a transplant to get in touch, big thanks to all the team at Este, with a special thanks to Ozzy and Lumia🙏🏻

Martin coldicott via TrustPilot

The staff are friendly and nice
The staff are friendly and nice. The practice is very clean and presentable. When I get my treatment it's always excellent and the girl who does my treatment is always pleasant and you feel relaxed.

Andrew Scott via TrustPilot

I am having Exosomes treatment for hair loss. I am giving a good feedback for Lulu. I used to have PRP before but I was recommended to try Exosomes. Lulu is efficient and friendly.

S. Shenavar via TrustPilot

i’ve been coming to Este Medical Group for many years now and can say that their Staff have always looked after me. My recent experience with one young lady by the name of ‘Lumia’was second to none. Very caring and gentle making sure the pressure on my scalp was just enough to work but without the pain. Oh and i look forward to her appuccino that’s offered each and every time that i have my treatment. Well done Lumia 👍

Ram bajaj via TrustPilot
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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of RF vaginal tightening?

This revolutionary treatment offers many significant benefits, including:

  • Improved intimate appearance
  • Reduced discomfort
  • Enhanced sexual satisfaction
  • Confidence boost  
  • Non-invasive  

Is there any downtime?

No, there is no downtime associated with our radiofrequency intimate rejuvenation treatment. This means you can get back to your usual routine directly after the procedure.

Is radiofrequency intimate rejuvenation painful?

Not at all. The sensation has been likened to a hot stone massage, with no pain and only very minimal discomfort.

How many sessions will I need?

This will depend on individual factors like the extent of laxity and your desired outcomes. The number of sessions you need will be determined during your consultation.

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